Maritime Accident Investigation

the process of examining and investigating marine accidents concerning to ships who had an accident.

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Training the Fishing Communities

One of the main job for GMC is to develop Fishing Communities in Somalia, in respect the capacity

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is an activity within the shipping industry, in some cases a charterer may own cargo and employ a shipbroker to find a ship to deliver the cargo for a certain price

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Ship Management

Concerns the management for the whole vessel. GMC has an expert who can manage the ship including

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Ship Sale and Purchase

Ship Sale and Purchase is one of the most important aspects of the shipping industry

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Organization Leaders

Who We Are

some_text Gacal Maritime Consultants (GMC) was established in April 1996 as a Maritime Management and Consultant Services Firm in East Africa particularly all Somali Maritime. The company ventured maritime consultant in to Offshore, Fishing Industry and Port Dredging in Somalia, and has expanded into other areas of Marine Management Services.

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